New Jersey & Cake Bites

27 Jan

What does the state of New Jersey have to do with these tasty little morsels?

Well, let me tell you.

After months and months of waiting in grim anticipation, the waiting game was finally up. Match Day, January 25th, informed thousands of dental school grads whether they had made the cut into their selected specialty program.  Matt and I had pondered all the possible permutations: he would get in (spin the globe, where will we end up?), he won’t get in (try, try again), or I would get in to a few nursing schools and we would choose a place for him to reapply the following year…the possibilities were endless and it was agony to wait. But the 25th brought relief, and yes, SO MUCH excitement. Matt will become an oral surgeon in the state of New Jersey (although, I still say I am moving to New York) and we will be temporarily “closing shop” in Seattle in only a few short months! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I baked these little cake bites (which Matt promptly renamed  Cake Truffles) and brought them to the oh so luxurious “Court Cafe” at the University of Washington, where all the dental kids hang out during lunch. Despite the abysmal sugar content, and near-obsessiveness about keeping their pearly whites in mint condition, the soon-to-be dentists devoured these cute lil’ puppies in mere minutes. Never say no to free food!

Cake Bites

found in: By: Evan Davis, courtesy of Bakerella

A Spoonful of Simple Steps (I am sure that the excitement of my new blog title will wear off soon…)

1) Bake whatever flavor cake you desire. Even cake from a box, which I did.

2) Let it cool, then crumble it all up in a big bowl. Mix in about a cup of frosting (again, your choice – homemade or store-bought) and mix well with your hands.

3) Roll smallish-sized balls of the cake mixture until it is all used up, then chill the balls to help them firm.

4) Melt your favorite chocolate, or combination of chocolates, over a double boiler and dip the balls to your heart’s content. Place on waxed paper or aluminum foil. Decorate now, or after you have chilled the balls. (I poured decorative sprinkles on some and piped contrasting chocolate on others.)

5) Chill cake bites for about 3o minutes, or until the toppings have set.

6) Enjoy! Yum. You can’t feel guilty for have just a “bite.”


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3 responses to “New Jersey & Cake Bites

  1. Sister

    January 29, 2010 at 12:37 am


    • rachelsspoonful

      January 29, 2010 at 12:49 am

      I meant to include you in this posting! THANK YOU HERMANITA for sharing this recipe with me!


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