Potato Posers: A Disguise for Cauliflower

16 Mar

I felt like my story of saying goodbye to my residents was anathema to mashed cauliflower. That’s why this recipe is posted separately, even though I find myself writing it mere seconds after my last post. But, to me the distinction is clear: No mixing potatoes and people. Or rather, cauliflower posing as a potato. 🙂

In our kitchen, a bottle of delicious hot chili-infused balsamic vinegar has been sitting on the counter for months. Eons, in kitchen time. We use it sparingly, or not at all; boyfriend and I still haven’t completely grasped the concept of eating the fancier perishable items that we buy in a timely manner, and too often they rot before we do. In an attempt to temper this trend, I seized the moment to use our Pike Place Market Sotto Voce vinegar in a reduction. Yum. Reduced from a cup or more to a few valuable tablespoons….oh, what to pair it with?


a poser that tastes better than the original

Mashed Cauliflower with a Balsamic Reduction

Discovered in Food del Mundo

(Note: I followed this recipe to a T, but it actually turned out a little too rich for my taste…I’m writing the recipe ingredients as I found them, but my substitutions for next time are in parentheses, if you would care for a lighter version.)

One head cauliflower, chopped

– ½ cup sour cream (LIGHT! Or fat free)

– ½ cup fresh grated parmesan cheese

– ¼ cup butter (I would halve this next time)

– 2-4 oz cream cheese (optional: I did not incorporate it)

– Salt to taste (Taste first, the Parmesan may add enough saltiness)

Simply steam the cauliflower until the tines of a fork can penetrate easily. Drain. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and puree with a food processor/blender or the old fashioned way–a handheld potato masher. The potato masher will give you a slightly more textured final product.


I found an excellent commentary on balsamic reductions which I distilled down to this:

Place vinegar in saucepan. Turn on medium heat. Reduce until slightly thickened. Be patient: it takes time to make a perfect reduction. Do not add sugar. Do not add thickener. Only add your spoon every once in awhile to give it a swirl and ensure the bottom does not burn. Keep in mind that it will thicken further as it cools. After you plate your mashed cauliflower, drizzle 1-2 teaspoons over each serving.

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