About Spoonful

Recent graduate bouncing from one realm to another – International Political Economy (a mouthful) to Nursing. This is my first attempt at blogging; we’ll see where it leads. The idea: combine two worlds that I love, cooking and caring for people. Previously, I split my time between working as a Nursing Assistant in assisted living and taking care of the  last prerequisites for nursing school. I had a lot of spare time. Time enough to start a blog.

Currently, I am in nursing school. Loving life, but busy beyond belief. Cooking and blogging are two things I find therapeutic and fulfilling, but find very little time for now. I’m doing my best to make time for both. Welcome to a Healing Spoonful.

How to Navigate Spoonful

Since this is a dabbling in a few different topics (cooking, nursing, politics, the healing touch, potentially knitting, etc) it may seem a bit unwieldy at first. But, do not fear; tagging is here!

Recipes are easy to search for, just click the “Categories” drop-down and select from a menu of options. If you have a hankering for something in particular, using the main page’s Search Bar may tickle your pickle.

Anecdotes about working as a Care Manager in Assisted Living will always be tagged under “healing,” among other descriptive terms.

Hmmm…I think that’s all for now, folks! I’ll try to KISS* as I bumble my way into the blogging world.

*That’s “keep it simple, stupid” for anyone more enlightened and a little less mnemonic-obsessive than me.



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