Being Craft-ful

I like crafts. No, scratch that, I love ’em.

I am fairly crafty but I am not terribly creative in the design process. I get my craft ideas from the wondrous souls out there who (gasp) actually come up with the ideas/patterns/designs. Usually, I just modify them to fit my interpretation. That’s why I love knitting. If I follow a pattern, it comes out beautifully. I think to myself, wow! I created this?

I just started getting more crafty with my knitting needles. Before that, it was all hats and scarves. Not that these are bad things to make. It’s just that, these are better:

healing socks for my mama

and these:

twin slouchy caps for sisters

and I sort of used a pattern for these:

warm arm warmers for cold Slovenia

In preparation for leaving the assisted living home that I work at, I wanted to create something crafty for my residents. So, I went to Michael’s (of course) because where else could you find such excellent crafting inspiration? And I made these:

"The glorious chariots of the kings wear out; the body also comes to old age; but the virtue never ages; thus the good teach each other." From: Old Age by Buddha

I found this fabulous pussy willow rainbow on Betz White’s blog. My oh my, she is a creative cat. On my very next run in the park, I found myself eyeballing fallen branches. I told myself to wait until the end of my run, but alas, midway through, I was already toting around at least 5 long sticks. Needless to say, my run ended shortly after. And I went home and ordered these lovely little felted wool balls off an etsy site: HandBEHG felts. They may become a new addiction. For my wallet’s sake, I should probably learn how to make the darling little balls myself. But for the meantime, this project was fantastically simple and I can already imagine myself making bundles of pussy willow branches as gifts for all my closest amigas.

(By the way, since the felt balls took a few days to arrive, the branches were sitting prettily in their glass vase for awhile. The boyfriend was severely befuddled. Why would I put naked branches in a vase? I told him that I thought they might grow flowers.)

Even better:

fantasy pussy willow branches

wooly felt balls up close

and personal

both salvaged: discarded branches & an antique pitcher

My most recent addition into the knitted family:

powdered courage

Pattern from Anna Larsen, available for purchase on ravelry.

Another way to prove that knitting isn’t totally nerdy! I was blown away by this chalk bag. I have never felted before and I am officially felt-sessed. I don’t know what my next project will be but I know for sure that it will be felted.

More craft-ful items to come!


One response to “Being Craft-ful

  1. your sista

    April 27, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    whaaaaaaaat!!!!! that last thing-the felt bag-is amazing! my sister is the shiznit forealz


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